How To Put On and Take Off Compression Stockings


Doffing and Donning calf closed-toe

Doffing and Donning calf open-toe

Doffing and Donning thigh-high closed-toe

Doffing and Donning thigh-high closed-toe




Helpful tips

  • Put on compression stockings in the morning while you are lying down
  • A dusting of powder or cornstarch can help the compression socks slide on easier
  • Put the sock over your toes, then work it up your leg. Try turning them inside out, either half-way, or fully, rather than rolling them up like regular socks.
  • Smooth out wrinkles from bottom to top.
  • Take off socks by pulling the top band down, then stroking downward with flat hands as the sock doubles over itself. Finally, pull it over your heel, and then take it off.
  • Go slow at first. Practice makes perfect.